How to Create a Really Cool Chao?

Answer SHARK CHAO DARK on sonic adventure 2 battle

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How to Create a Cool Looking Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

While Chao are simple at first, they can be extremely complex; this guide will tell you how to get a Two Tone Chao; one of the most simple yet fascinating subjects in Chao.A Two Toned Chao is a Cha... Read More »

How to Create a Rainbow Baby Chao?

It is simple to do create a rainbow baby chao. You can do it four ways and all you need to do is get a normal spotted egg and red chaos drives.

How to Make a Nights Chao (Reala Chao) Sa2B?

I believe I can fly, I believe I can- ooh, birdies!Here is how to make a Reala chao aka Nights chao.

How to Get a Shadow Chao and a Sonic Chao?

This is all the information that all of you Sonic fans (or Shadow fans) need to know on how to get a Shadow chao and a Sonic chao.