How to Create a Rain Garden?

Answer Rain gardens come in many sizes and are useful in a variety of settings.There are lots of ways you can reduce water pollution, but rain gardens may be the most beautiful of them. A rain garden is l... Read More »

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Can water from a French drain go into a rain garden?

On One Hand: Could be ToxicA French drain captures ground and rain water and directs it away from homes in order to reduce the chances of flooding. This water might fall directly from the sky, migh... Read More »

How do I create a rain gauge?

Mark the JarUse a permanent marker and ruler to mark the outside of a cylindrical jar every ¼ inch. Alternatively, you may use rubber bands to secure a ruler to the outside of the jar.Place Outsi... Read More »

How do I create a simple rain gauge?

AssemblingSelect a clear glass container that has uniform diameter from top to bottom. Mark increments using a permanent marker in half-inches or centimeters, whichever you prefer. Set outside in a... Read More »

How to Create Rain on a Window Pane?

Whether for a stage prop or a decorative craft, you can make permanent rain drops on a window pane that look like the real thing. Use the window pane as part of the scenery for a play or skit so th... Read More »