How to Create a Quiz on

Answer Here is how to create a quiz on represents a very simple and innovative way to create a scored quiz. Its purpose is to be a worldwide database of general knowledge and fun qu... Read More »

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How to Create a Quiz on Bebo?

Here's how to make a good quiz on bebo!

How to Create a Quiz from Powerpoint Using Powerquizpoint?

Create interactive Macromedia Flash Quizzes from PowerPoint easily with PowerQuizPoint. With PowerQuizPoint you can insert interactive Quiz slides directly into your PowerPoint presentations and Pu... Read More »

How to Create a Simple Quiz in Moodle?

It is not difficult to create a simple quiz in Moodle 1.8.

How to Create a Quiz Game Using Just Powerpoint?

Some people think PowerPoint is just for educational or business purposes, but it can have fun purposes too! Here's how to make a fun game using just PowerPoint and creativity! No design skill requ... Read More »