How to Create a Pure to Pwn?

Answer How to create the ultimate pure on Runescape

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How to Create a Pk Pure on Runescape?

How to Create an Epic Range Pure?

Welcome! This guide will tell you how to create an "epic" range pure. Please remember that this guide may not be up to date if you read it in the future.

How to Create a Strength Only Pure on Runescape?

Ever wanted to be a person in bronze with like 80 strength at 50 combat and hit 15s+? Read below and you'll figure out how to create one.

How to Create a Saradomin Pure on RuneScape F2P?

There are many pures on RuneScape. The whole idea of becoming one can be very compelling. Saradomin was a God of Order, who according to RuneScape history fought and is a sworn enemy to Zamorak and... Read More »