How to Create a Professional Looking Map for a Work of Fiction?

Answer It has become more and more common for a writer to add a map over the fictional world presented in their work to help the reader complete their image of the world. This is most often done in fantas... Read More »

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How to Create Suspense in Fiction?

Real life is only occasionally suspenseful, and few people are ever in life-or-death situations. In fiction, however, life is always exciting and dangerous; if it wasn't, it wouldn't offer an escap... Read More »

How to Create Incredible Fan Fiction?

Whether it's your favorite manga, anime, book, movie or video game you choose, any of these are a great choice on which to base a fan fiction storyHave you been dying to create a fan-fiction epic b... Read More »

How do I create historical fiction characters?

AttitudesExplore how your historical characters think differently than contemporary ones. A 19th-century woman will have a different view of marriage than her 21st-century counterpart. Children we... Read More »

How to Create a Realistic Fiction Character?

Sculpting charactersRealistic characters are one of the cornerstones of good fiction. If you're having trouble creating them, this article might help you get started.