How to Create a Pet Rock?

Answer You've tried everything. You've begged, you've pleaded, you've threatened, you've screamed, but you just can't get a pet. Well, have you ever considered a pet rock? These pets don't bark, they don'... Read More »

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How to Create a Rock Garden?

If you want a pet rock but parents don't want it inside, take it in a garden so it can meet wild rocks.

How to Create a Bed Kit for Your Pet Rock?

A poor pet rock without a bedDo you have a pet rock that doesn't have a bed, much less bed accessories? If he/she wants them, read ahead!

How to Create Glam Rock Looks?

Glam rock, a sub genre of rock and roll, began in the UK in the early 1970s and became popular as much for its outrageous fashions as it did for its unique sound. Bands combined aspects of science ... Read More »

How to Create an Animated Rock Band?

Have you ever wanted to make an animated rock band. Well now you can! read the simple steps below and you'll be rocking out in less than a day to your own made up band!