How to Create a Personal Journal "Beverly" Style?

Answer If you like to scrapbook and you don't know what to do with those photos that will not work on a scrapbook layout, I have a way you can use those photos without having to throw them out. You can cr... Read More »

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How to Create a Personal Style?

Avoid the problem of walking into your closet and finding nothing to wear by creating a personal style. When you know how you want to look and surround yourself with accessories that reflect that p... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Personal Style?

Some people like to be the "it" girl. Other people like to follow the "it" girl. How about if you want to be yourself. Good choice. People that follow others will never get very far in life. So up ... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Personal Style and Personality?

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How to Create Your Own Personal Style and Stand out by Looking Different?

Dare to be different, most of the outcomes from experimenting in style look stunning.No one, deep down, really wants to be exactly like other people and not be true to their selves and their intere... Read More »