How to Create a Perennial Garden?

Answer Perennial plants emerge every year rather than dying at the end of the growing season. The majority of perennials re-appear in spring after a dormant winter, but some perennials bloom in winter. Cr... Read More »

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How to Design a Perennial Garden?

A perennial garden, properly designed, can provide lasting pleasure to any gardener. While a planned garden is certainly esthetically pleasing, it is also environmentally advantageous because it pr... Read More »

How do I get rid of weeds in a perennial garden?

Anything unwanted in a garden is considered a weed by the gardener. Weeds tend to be prolific, carried by the wind, dropped by birds and other wildlife, and are even spread on shoes. Weeds show u... Read More »

Perennial Garden Plants for Florida?

There are numerous perennial garden plants for the variety of garden situations in the Sunshine State. The sedum hybrid "Florida friendly gold" TM tolerates the tropical conditions in southern Flor... Read More »

How to Choose Plants for Your Perennial Garden?

Perennials come in all shapes and sizes and are essential plants for any garden. Because they return every year, they are economical and practical choices. When shopping for flowers, knowing how to... Read More »