How to Create a Partition?

Answer Sometimes you may want to divide a single hard disk into multiple drives, often called partitions or volumes. You may want multiple partitions to ensure the integrity of certain types of data, to i... Read More »

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How do I Create a Partition for Windows Vista Using Paragon Partition Manager?

Paragon Partition Manager allows you to create, delete, hide, resize, and recover file systems that can be read on a number of different operating systems. NTFS is the default and recommended file ... Read More »

How to Create a New Partition for XP?

Windows XP, an older version of the Windows operating system, is equipped with a utility called Disk Management. This utility allows you to make changes and configure your hard disks on your comput... Read More »

How to Create a Second Partition?

Creating a secondary partition on your hard drive can be useful for those who want to keep their photos and videos separate from the core files on their machine. Creating a secondary partition on y... Read More »

How to Create a New Partition in Fedora?

A disk partition is a section of the hard drive that the computer believes to be a separate disk unto itself. Creating new partitions using the Fedora operating system is done through the "Gparted"... Read More »