How to Create a Parallax 3D Effect in Actionscript?

Answer How to make depth in flash. Basic idea, Create layers of levels, and have each one respond to the mouse a little differently. The ‘closer’ depths will move faster while the farther away depths ... Read More »

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Tutorial on How to Create a Full Flash Website Using ActionScript?

Website content is generated using a variety of script or programming formats that are suitable for the Internet. The most common web pages are made using just HTML or XHTML, which is a simplified... Read More »

How to Create a Smoky Eye Effect?

Make smoldering eyes your best feature. This classic smoky eye effect suits everyone and will transform your look for night time, so learn how to create it with the help of this tutorial.

What is a parallax error?

Parallax, more accurately motion parallax, is the change of angular position of two observations of a single object relative to each other as seen by an observer, caused by the motion of the observ... Read More »

How to Calculate Parallax?

When you look at an object with only one eye, alternatively closing one and opening another, the object appears to shift by a small angle. This is the most obvious example of parallax. By measurin... Read More »