How to Create a Paper Plate Rhythmic Shaker?

Answer This craft is a great way to entertain children. It is art, music and rhythm all in one simple project. An enjoyable way to pass a rainy afternoon or to present as a class craft project.

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How to Create a Paper Plate Tambourine?

This is a craft for boys and girls. It is very simple for even small children to create this happy little tambourine. Great for classroom activity time, it is a craft and music project in one.

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How to Make a Salt Shaker Turn Into a Pepper Shaker?

This tricks will impress your friends and family. Plus if someone asks for the pepper shaker from you, you can make it appear with pizzaz.

Can you microwave a paper plate?

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by microwaves passes through paper materials. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), paper can be used when cooking with a microwave because... Read More »