How to Create a PR Packet for an Event?

Answer Chain mail, Card Bouquet, Ribbon BookmarkPR packet, media kit...whatever you call it, they can help a great deal towards making your brand, business, or site a household word. This article will sho... Read More »

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How to Create a Ping Packet?

Creating and sending a ping packet to a remote computer allows you first to test connectivity and then to assess the connection speed between your computer and the remote one. When pinging a remote... Read More »

How to Create an Event on Facebook?

Events are used to announce a certain event that will be held somewhere by you or someone else. Creating an event on facebook is easier than uploading a photo.

How to Create an Event in iCal?

The heart of the application, iCal, is the variety of events. After finishing this article, you too will be able to create events in iCal.

How to Create a Countdown to a Special Event?

Perhaps one of the best parts about special events is counting down the days until they happen. But if you are really into it, you can create a countdown including hours and minutes until the big day.