How to Create a PDF With Formulas?

Answer Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a version of a source document that may be viewed by users with a PDF reading program. A wide variety of programs are manufactured to create PDF files from ... Read More »

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How to Create Useful Formulas and Mixtures?

Let's say you have a big exam coming up, and you forgot to study. Or, you want to build a model volcano. These are situations when you need a formula/mixture! You want to learn how to create them? ... Read More »

How do I create formulas in spreadsheets?

Basic FormulasSelect a blank cell and begin your formula with an equal sign (=). In place of numerical values, type in the cell letter and number that correspond to the cells involved in the formul... Read More »

How to Use the Formulas in MS Excel?

Microsoft's Excel software offers a versatile spreadsheet that can be programmed to perform a number of calculations based on the data you enter into its cells. These formulas are known as "functio... Read More »

How to Add Two Cells Already Containing Sum of Other Formulas?

Excel is one of the most popular and powerful spreadsheet applications in use today. This article explains how to add cells that contain the results of formulas found in other cells. This is perfec... Read More »