How to Create a Number Trick?

Answer At some point one of your friends has probably said something along the lines of, "Pick a number, divide by three, multiply by four," and on and on, until they say, "Now subtract five, and your ans... Read More »

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How to Trick Friends with the 5000 Number Adding Trick?

Trick your friends with some clever adding up–or not so clever as you'll be hoping to trip them up!

How to Do a Number Magic Trick?

Magic tricks can involve a slight of hand or a delicate use of misdirection to achieve the illusion of magic. But sometimes, a magic trick can done with just sheer brain power and a simple understa... Read More »

How to Do a Simple (Number) Mind Trick?

Amaze your siblings,parents,guides,friends with this simple mind trick! Not too high numbers(Primary/Year/Grade one could do it easily!)either! Have fun as you practise and practise on lots of peop... Read More »

How to Do a Mind Reading Magic Number Trick?

If you ever wanted to amaze your friends with a magic trick, follow these simple steps and you will be doing a great mind reading trick in no time. This trick is when you figure out a number what s... Read More »