How to Create a New File With AS3?

Answer Creating Flash-based social networks, video games and office automation applications can require that you create new files to store data in. In a social network you may need to create a new file wi... Read More »

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Can I create a movie file from a powerpoint presentation file?

you can do it with Macromedia flash must install a pwd to fla (or swf ) convertor import your flash file after converting then you can publish (file >publish settings) a video fi... Read More »

How to Create a .bat File to Batch Convert File Extensions?

Batch files with a ".bat" file extension are specific to the MS-DOS operating system and its development into Windows. You can create and execute batch files wherever an MS-DOS prompt or Windows en... Read More »

How do I create a PDF file from a Corel WordPerfect file?

Installing Adobe PostScript Print DriverDownload and install the Adobe PostScript printer driver. (See Resources.) This driver allows you to create PDF documents as if you were printing the source ... Read More »

How to Create a text file through batch file.?

some more tricks:if u want to add a > in the text use ^>The same syntax for