How to Create a Muppet Avatar?

Answer If you have a special place in your heart for Kermit the frog, Fozzie the bear or Miss Piggy, you might consider adding some Muppet-themed items to your Xbox 360 avatar. The Xbox360 marketplace hos... Read More »

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How to Create an Avatar Online With Avatar.Pho.To!?

An avatar can show an image of you that isn't quite you, but might describe you in other ways. They also can help you keep some degree of anonymity even if they use your own photo. Avatar Photo! ma... Read More »

How to Create a Cat Avatar?

Whether you're creating an avatar for an online game, message board/forum or social messaging website, use your personality and interests to express yourself across the Internet. Cat lovers can put... Read More »

How to Create an EA Avatar?

Anybody who has ever played a video game by Electronic Arts (EA) has an account on its website. Likewise, anybody who enjoys sports games by Electronic Arts may know about the online sports communi... Read More »

How to Create a Vector Avatar?

Vector-based programs like Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress work differently from pixel-based ones like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. In a vector based program, you are able to draw perfectly smooth ... Read More »