How to Create a Movie at Home?

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How to Create an Animated Movie (Using Windows Movie Maker)?

]]Have you ever wanted to create your own animated movie? Well, you're not alone! A lot of people, young and old, want to do this without working in a studio or using a moviola. Below are a few ste... Read More »

What kind of cameras do TV shows and movie makers use so that it doesn't look like a 'home movie'?

TV is recorder and produced at 520 lines per inch. Analogue video is around 200 lines per inch - think VHS, 8mm. Your digital camcorder shoots at the same resolution as TV. Therefore you should be ... Read More »

Agree or disagree: The home you raise your kids in is the home they strive to create when they leave?

Agree.Here is the sad part . . . even when it WAS a BAD HOME . . . we still re-create it subconsciously.Children born into alcoholic homes, with abuse . . .tend to grow up to be alcoholics, or marr... Read More »

How to Create an Airsoft Movie?

Creating an airsoft movie can be a superb way of capturing the action and memories of a great pastime. It helps to be familiar with airsoft, but you can learn the movie skills as you go.