How to Create a Middle School Promotion Ceremony?

Answer The summer is almost here and eighth-graders cannot wait until it is time to be promoted to the ninth grade. A common practice is to celebrate the transition of eighth-graders to high school with a... Read More »

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How to Create New Beginnings for Yourself on Your First Day of Middle School?

So you're entering middle school! This is a big mile stone in you life! 7 classes, better lunches, WAY more people, and maturity awaits you there! And just to help you, here are a few steps to help... Read More »

How to Create Better Study Habits in Middle School?

Studying can become stressful when you can't find a good way to study. Middle school grades are important because they will lead you to high school.

How to Create Surveys for Middle School Students?

Surveys can be a good way to gauge interest in a topic. But a questionnaire for middle school students may require a more non-traditional route of delivery, such as online, to keep the younger mind... Read More »

How to Create a Good Schedule for Middle School?

At the beginning of the middle school year, you get to choose what sports and clubs to join in middle school. Here's how to create a schedule that's not to busy and works for you and your family.