How to Create a Mermaid Halloween Makeup Look?

Answer When Halloween approaches, mythical creatures are all the rage with children and adults.The mermaid look requires oceanic colors and other unusual makeup techniques. Learn how to create the mermaid... Read More »

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How to Create a Mermaid Inspired Look?

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How to Create a GI Joe Halloween Costume Look?

SIR, YES SIR!How the little boys have loved "GI Joe" for years, and he is a great action hero to try to look like, especially at Halloween. We will be working on ways to get into the character as "... Read More »

How to Create the Original Look of Jason on Halloween?

Jason with MaskNow most of us have seen the movie "Friday the 13th" both one and two, most likely a few times. The look that we will be creating is of the original Jason, before he started wearing ... Read More »

How to Create a No Makeup Look?

This article explains how to easily create a no makeup makeup look in 5 minutes so that you can look polished and natural everyday without worrying that you've applied too much makeup.