How to Create a Mascot for Your Manga Character?

Answer In the world of manga, it's very popular for characters to have a cute animal mascot! Here's how you can create one for your characters.

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How to Make Your Own Anime or Manga Character?

To create an anime or manga character, you will not only have to develop a personality and storyline, but also draw your creation. To make an anime or manga character, follow these steps.

How to Make up an Outfit for Your Manga Character?

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How to Design Good Anime/Manga Weapons for Your Character?

Got a great character design but can't think of the perfect weapon for them to go about the usual slicing and dicing, these tips should help you to come up with the best weapon for them.

How to Create Your Own Manga Avatar?

Use a full featured creator such as Gaia Online to create and personalize a manga avatar for free. Gaia Online provides a host of adorable manga style avatars with a wide range of physical attribut... Read More »