How to Create a Marshmallow Menorah?

Answer A great craft for kids to learn about Hanukkah. There's lots of variations, so enjoying making lots of them.

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How to Make a Menorah?

A menorah is a term for a branched candelabra. Most people think of a menorah when they really mean a chanukiah, which has eight branches and one additional branch at a different level. The Chanuki... Read More »

What does menorah mean in the hebrew language?

In Hebrew, menorah means "lamp." The menorah is modeled after a seven-branch lamp that was lit in the Temple. Today's nine-branch lamp commemorates a miracle wherein a single day's worth of oil fo... Read More »

How to Light a Chanukah Menorah?

The most central feature of the Jewish Festival of Lights is the Chanukiya. (It is commonly referred to as a Menorah, but this is incorrect, see below.) On the first night of Chanukah, two lights a... Read More »

How to Make a Marshmallow Gun?

Marshmallow guns are fun, while remaining accurate but non-lethal. The basic idea is that you blow into a series of PVC tubes to push out a marshmallow. Great for parties and having fun with your f... Read More »