How to Create a Mail Merge in Publisher?

Answer The Microsoft Publisher mail merge feature can be used to send bulk email messages, such as e-newsletters, to multiple recipients in a contact list. In order to use the mail merge feature, you must... Read More »

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How to Create an Envelope Using the Mail Merge Feature in Microsoft Word 2010?

The Mail Merge feature of Word 2010, can be used to create many different things, this particular article will cover Envelopes.

How do i change a personal greeting in publisher email merge?

Open the document in question in Microsoft Publisher on your computer. Under the Tools menu select Mailings, then Catalogs, and finally Email Merge.Insert a text box into your document where you wo... Read More »

How to Do a Mail Merge?

Mail merge allows you to tailor 1 document to numerous recipients in your computer's word processing program or in a specific program designed for mail merges. You can set up and perform a merge fo... Read More »

What is a mail merge and how does it work?

What is mail merge?You use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where each document contains unique elements. For example, in a letter that announ... Read More »