How to Create a Linear System on a Graphing Calculator?

Answer Linear systems are used to solve a variety of engineering problems. Creating a linear system on a graphing calculator requires entering at least two linear equations (equations of a line), into th... Read More »

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How to Graph Linear Inequalities on a Graphing Calculator?

Solving linear inequalities involves finding the area of the number line or graph that has a boundary line associated with it. Linear inequalities use inequality symbols, that is, "less than" and "... Read More »

How to Create Programs on a Ti 83 Graphing Calculator?

Calculator programming is a fun and easy way to enter the world of programming. You can program TI-BASIC directly on your calculator, and see immediate results from your code. You can create games,... Read More »

How to Create a Y-Intercept on Your Graphing Calculator?

You can use a graphing calculator to graph equations of lines and obtain information about the lines. This includes their slopes, points on the lines and their y-intercepts, also known as the point... Read More »

Activities for Graphing Linear Equations?

The ability to graph linear equations is critical in all math courses beyond algebra, and you should be sure to give your students a strong introduction to graphing equations. Students are more lik... Read More »