How to Create a Lightbox Using a Cooler?

Answer There are many ways to create a lightbox that involve different degrees of creative ability. This one involves no ability to build anything and you don't need a single hammer or nail. Dig out your ... Read More »

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How to Create a Lightbox from a Cardboard Box?

You may not have the money you need to get started with photography. Tabletop photography is one thing you can do to get your foot in the door without going broke. In fact, photography has an entir... Read More »

How to Create an Inexpensive Photography Lightbox?

Good jewelry and close-up photography requires good lighting. However, being able to light a piece properly to show the true color and beauty of it can be difficult. A light box is a great solution... Read More »

How to Convert a Wine Cooler to a Vegetable Cooler?

Wine seems to be the best choice for every meal these days with cooking at the forefront of our minds. With this sudden rush of the gastronomic world into everyday life, more and more utensils and... Read More »

How to Add to Lightbox?

Lightbox is a popular low profile Java script that makes it easy to highlight photographs featured on your website in a manner that puts them up front and center. By adding Lightbox to your website... Read More »