How to Create a Gradient in Paint Shop Pro?

Answer Creating a gradient in Paint Shop Pro isn't as easy as pressing on an icon and it's done. You have to do a few things first. This article will help you do it.

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How do I create gradient color with MS Paint?

Create a RectangleOpen Microsoft Paint. Hold the "Control" button and press the "E" key to adjust the properties of your gradient. Under "Units," select the "Pixels" option. Under "Color," select t... Read More »

How to Make a Gradient in Paint.Net With the Gradient Tool?

There is always more than one way to skin a cat and that saying really goes with gradients. To make a gradient using the gradient tool, makes it a little fun as well.

How to Create a Transparent Gif in Paint Shop Pro?

Frog with transparent backgroundGIFs, as well as PNGs, are able to be saved with a transparent color (usually the background). Paint Shop Pro makes it very easy to do that.

How to Create a Transparent PNG File With Paint Shop Pro?

Transparent backgroundSometimes, when you make graphics, you don't want the background showing...or at the very least, you want part of the image to be transparent. Paint Shop Pro allows you to do ... Read More »