How to Create a Good "Your Mom" Joke?

Answer Often times, buddy/pals/co-workers may corner you in a battle of wit. Your head starts pulsating, your hands start perspiring, and your limbs start trembling. Fear not. A great way to attack back i... Read More »

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Why would a television turn itself on Seriously. No Joke. No joke answers please.?

Several possibilities. One is timer. Some tv's have a timer that when enabled will turn your TV on at a set time/day. Another possibility is the use of another remote control. All current remot... Read More »

How to Write a Good Joke?

Jokes are good for most occasions. There are jokes about any subject you can imagine. However, writing a good joke takes time and creativity. Not many people have a creative and playful imagination... Read More »

How to Tell a Good Aristocrats Joke?

The Aristocrats joke is where you try to be as gross and disgusting as possible. It describes a family act proposing their act to a talent agent and the act usually involves doing something normall... Read More »

How to Come Up With a Good Joke?

Have you ever heard a very funny joke, and wished you could think of one? Here is how.