How to Create a Gnome Garden?

Answer Gnomes are an easy way to turn a boring front yard into a whimsical garden community. A garden gnome community can liven up an entire neighborhood, and reduce crime. Many gardeners believe that law... Read More »

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Do you believe the police have the right to arrest a garden gnome in a mans front garden?

Mine was cautioned by the Elf and Safety Executive.

Garden gnome slaughter?

dry dirt, dust, death, gnome blood on my hands.dueling lawn gnomes in the grass, my gnome can kick your gnome's ***.(quote from a song i wrote)

My garden gnome is planning something...?

You are going about this the wrong way, you want to befriend him. Ask him where he got those bitchng brown boots, ask him where he got his green suit and dashing hat. TEll him he has a winning smil... Read More »

Garden Gnome evolution question?

Evolution has to happen over several generations, so you need to obtain a female gnome for him to get started on.