How to Create a Genre of Music?

Answer Over the years, many exciting musical genres have emerged. In this how-to, you will learn ways that you can likely start your own genre!

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How to Create a Unique Music Genre?

Creating an entirely unique music genre is a very difficult thing to do. Here are a few bits and pieces to help you on your way to magnificence!

What's your favourite genre of music and what's a good starting point for that genre?

I like Rock, Grunge and Metal.My favorite band is Nirvana, I recommend them if you like 90s Rock/Grunge.

How do you know when a genre of music is the genre that you truly love?

You know that you truly love a genre of music when you discover a wider range of songs from different artists of that genre and still like it. For example, If you think you might be interested in t... Read More »

Music Expert Needed: What genre of music is this?

hmm.. I'd have to say its a combination of a few unfortunately.. I'm hearing some reggae/blues/R&B.. I'm even hearing some jazz to it.. If I were to narrow it down to one, I'd have to say its a for... Read More »