How to Create a Fort With a Basement?

Answer Do you want a secretive little clubhouse with an even more secretive basement? If so follow these steps to create a cheap and simple play area.

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How to Make a Spy Fort in Your Basement?

Over the summer or a long time off from school, you think you're going to have fun. But over the weeks, you think that summer is boring and you need something that makes a chaotic story for when yo... Read More »

How to Create a Dance Room in the Basement?

Whether you like to dance freestyle to your favorite tunes or you have a daughter on the high school dance team, you can be sure that a dance room in your basement will be useful. Some open space i... Read More »

Besides using a dehumidifier, how can I get rid of the musty basement smell in my house/basement?

1) check for dampness. soaked walls/flooring maybe collecting molds thus the smell;2) if there is dampness, find a waterproofing paint to seal them. the kind that sticks even when wet. remember to ... Read More »

How to Have Fun in a Fort?

Ok you want a place to relax alone go here How to Make a Blanket Fort and then this to relax in your fort