How to Create a Folder on a PC?

Answer When it comes to computers, the folder is the backbone of organization. Folders help you separate, label, and move files with ease. Before you can utilize this basic function of a computer, though,... Read More »

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How to Create Your Own Folder Locker?

We all have some files which we would like to keep private. There are many programs to do so, which can make things confusing. Why not make your own perfectly working password protected folder lock... Read More »

How do I create a file folder?

Open Your Documents FolderClick the "Start" button to display the Start menu of your Windows computer. Click the "Documents" menu item in the right-hand section of the Start menu.Create a FolderCli... Read More »

Why I can't create folder on computer name as CON?

CON is a command in DOS (command prompt)...In MS-DOS, several special "device files" were available to aid in performing certain tasks, such as clearing the screen or deleting extraneous output fro... Read More »

How do i create a folder on my desktop?

Right-click your desktop, then higlight "New" until another drop-down menu pops up, then select "Folder"