How to Create a Folder in the iPhone Mail?

Answer The iPhone allows the user to synchronize with his email account. The email account needs to be a "Push" account like Yahoo! or an IMAP account like Gmail. Folders cannot be created directly on an ... Read More »

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How to send a folder containing 200 photos in a mail?

Hi,sorry to tell you but you will have real problems doing this, and also lock up the other peoples mail box as well, so just burn it to CD and send it by post. hope this helps you.

How to Reduce the Size of Your Thunderbird Mail Folder?

Even if you put all your mail in your trash and empty the trash, Thunderbird still has allocated a lot of space on your hard drive. You should reduce the mail folder size, to reflect the true natur... Read More »

How to Recover the Unread Mail Folder on Outlook 2007?

Microsoft Outlook search folders provide quick access to emails that meet predefined criteria. Outlook provides three default search folders: categorized mail, large mail and unread mail. The Unrea... Read More »

How to Restore a Junk Mail Folder in Outlook 2007?

Restore your junk mail folder in Outlook 2007 by re-installing, or importing, your last Personal Folder File (.pst) backup. You can manually choose to only import the junk mail folder from your .ps... Read More »