How to Create a Flamethrower?

Answer This guide will teach you how to create an awesome flamethrower that works very well. It's a simple idea that's easy to make.

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Who invented the flamethrower?

German engineer Richard Fiedler invented the modern-day flamethrower in 1901. German battalions used the flamethrower for the first time in combat in the trenches of France on February 26, 1915. Al... Read More »

Do they still use flamethrower tanks in the army?

The Vietnam War may have been the last time US tanks used flame-throwers on their tanks. Today's hi-tech computorized weapons have largely negated the reasons for such primitive weapons.Those flame... Read More »

How to Make a Flamethrower With Spray on Products?

Bored? Want to play with fire? Here's a basic pyrotechnic trick that can be done with spray-on products.

If you spray raid on a match while it's burning to make a flamethrower, can the fumes give you brain damage?

no, but you would have to have brain damage to do it. Unless you are a teenager.