How to Create a Fictional Character for Any Purpose?

Answer Do you want to write a story? A play? Or maybe you just want someone to talk to that will always see things your way. Here's how to create your person!

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How to Create a Fictional Character from Scratch?

The one thing that virtually every single book, play, movie, novel, and game has in common is that they all have at least one character. Most have 2 or more, and some—a cast of thousands! Sometim... Read More »

How to Redeem a Fictional Character Believably?

Have a villain or an antihero who you are going to redeem? Very often, redemption is done too quickly or otherwise mishandled, but it can be done right and with care. Follow these steps and you´re... Read More »

How to Absorb the Characteristics of a Fictional Character?

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How to Get Over the Death of a Fictional Character?

Sometimes, in a book, you get really attached to a certain character. What do you do if, and when, the character reaches their end?