How to Create a Female Shape With Padding?

Answer Many women are dissatisfied with their shape, and many would love a few more curves or bumps in the right places. There are plenty of ways to give your body a more feminine shape, thanks to padding... Read More »

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I am a 29 year old female. i weigh in around 280 at 5ft 2inches. how do i get in shape from home?

Exercise and diet. You don't have to buy anthing special as far as diet goes, what you eat and how you prepare it makes a huge difference. I recommend Curves to workout if you can pay for the mem... Read More »

Which (FEMALE) celeb has an oval face shape but with a sharp jaw line?

I'd like to know too!! I have an oval face shape-it's quite fat in the face ONLY the rest of my body is perfectly normalAnd I want a sharp jawline ;( I wonder if that's possible with oval facesBut ... Read More »

How to Create a Shape in AS3?

The shape object is an essential object used to program ActionScript graphics. Once a shape object is declared, you can program ActionScript to create and display any type of geometric shape you wa... Read More »

How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

Eyebrows are the most difficult part of the face to care for, and for women proper trimming and shaping is essential to creating the perfect look. Properly shaped eyebrows will accent your eyes an... Read More »