How to Create a Fantasy World?

Answer Creating a fantasy world can be as simple as having a daydream. But if you want something more tangible, you're going to have to put it down on paper, canvas, film, or a computer program. A fantasy... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Fantasy World?

Ever been daydreaming about a magical world, but never gotten around to putting all your thoughts on paper? This article can help. Just follow these basic steps and in no time you'll have a wonderf... Read More »

How to Write a Fantasy Novel Set in Another World?

Have you ever read a fantasy novel, and then wished to do the same? Well here you will learn how to write a good quality fantasy novel.

How to Create a Fantasy Garden?

Sometimes the real world just isn't enough, sometimes you just want to escape and enter a world of mythical creatures and unreal-ism. Creating your very own fantasy garden should get you half way t... Read More »

How to Create a Fantasy Hairstyle?

“Fantasy Hairstyles” is a simple online game that allows you to create an anime character with exotic hairstyles. In addition to controlling the character’s hair, you can change its appearanc... Read More »