How to Create a Fantasy Character Name?

Answer You're writing a fantasy story, and think of a great character, but have no idea what to call them. You don't want to forget them because they're so great, but you don't want to use an unnamed char... Read More »

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How to Create a Mermaid Character for a Fantasy Book?

Mermaid characters are often viewed as beautiful soulful creatures whose allegiance to the sea usually requires them to give up any thought of life on the land, unless they choose to lose their imm... Read More »

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How to Create a Fantasy Hairstyle?

“Fantasy Hairstyles” is a simple online game that allows you to create an anime character with exotic hairstyles. In addition to controlling the character’s hair, you can change its appearanc... Read More »

How to Create a Fantasy Garden?

Sometimes the real world just isn't enough, sometimes you just want to escape and enter a world of mythical creatures and unreal-ism. Creating your very own fantasy garden should get you half way t... Read More »