How to Create a Digital Clock in Java?

Answer One of the most powerful features of the Java programming language is its Swing graphical user interface (GUI) library. Java users can construct visual, event-driven programs like digital clocks us... Read More »

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On a new gateway laptop can I put a free analog clock instead of the digital clock in the right lower corner?

If you mean on the desktop, it depends on the OS, not the hardware. For Windows, I don't believe so, but you can, or could get desktop widgets.

When are there the most lights on a digital clock?

The number 8 has the most lights on a digital clock, as it is made up of 7 different lines. 6 and 0 have the second most lights, as they are made up of 6 different lines each. Therefore the most li... Read More »

Who was the inventor of the digital clock?

Many inventors made small improvements to clock and watch design to arrive at the digital clock. Josef Pallweber registered a patent for a digital time display in a watch in 1882. Inventors still m... Read More »

How to Make a Digital Clock?

Digital clocks can be used to tell time at a glance. They became quickly more popular than the older sweep hand clocks, now known as analog clocks. The time derived by analog clocks came from eithe... Read More »