How to Create a Deep Pearl Car Finish?

Answer Most cars have single stage paint jobs that use one solid color and a layer of clear coat paint for added gloss. Some luxury cars or specialty model cars use a pearl paint, which uses three stage p... Read More »

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What is a pearl paint finish?

Custom paint jobs can make even an ordinary car look extraordinary. Pearl paint is one of many options that can make your car shine.Pearl Paint FinishPearl paint is a special paint and technique u... Read More »

How to Create a Faux Finish With a Rag?

Sample of negative raggingKnown as "Ragging", this simple faux finish is accomplished by blotting off the paint/glaze in a negative removal manner which creates a mottled effect.

Can I create a ringtone for a Blackberry Pearl?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanAccording to T-Mobile, you can create a ringtone for your Blackberry Pearl. You can use an existing music file on the phone or on your memory card and set it as your ringto... Read More »

In the book the pearl why are the pearl buyers excited about the pearl?

Because all the pearl buyers (at the time of the story) work for the same man, and who ever gives the boss for the lowset price gets payed the most.