How to Create a Credit Memo?

Answer The term credit memo, or credit note, generally refers to a document signifying a credit owed to the purchaser of a product. For example, a credit memo is often issued when an item is returned or w... Read More »

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How to Record a Credit Memo?

Vendors issue credit memos to customers to correct billing errors and to allow for the return of products. You should take the credit memo as a discount when preparing the next accounts payable che... Read More »

How to Create a Memo?

Memoranda are effective means of communicating in the business world. Memos are intended to be brief documents that summarize a situation, proposal or conclusion in one to two pages. Writing a good... Read More »

How to Create a New Credit File Fast?

If your credit history has taken some hits, starting over with a new credit file can seem like a good solution. However, it's not that easy to sweep old mistakes under the rug. And there's no way t... Read More »

How Do Banks Create Lines of Credit?

When a bank creates a line of credit, it is actually creating access to debt. This means that someone with a $1,000 line of credit is not necessarily in debt $1,000, but could access that much if h... Read More »