How to Create a Cracked Screen Effect on Microsoft Paint?

Answer Before effect, after effect.This a technique used on MS Paint to create a cracked, or broken effect. Used with the right angles, it can look as if it were a broken piece of glass. This trick isn't ... Read More »

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How to Make the Lightsaber Effect in Microsoft Paint?

Lightsabers are fictional weapons from the science-fiction movie franchise Star Wars. They are the signature weapons of the warring Jedi and Sith orders and feature a mechanical hilt that projects ... Read More »

How to Create a Blast Effect Using Paint.Net?

An explosive imageA a realistic blast effect is a great way to enhance an action related picture. There is a lot of software out there to do this with, but most of them are expensive! Paint.Net is ... Read More »

How to Create a Shiny Paint Effect in Photoshop?

There are times when the paint in a photograph lacks the kind of shine and luster that the object possesses in life. With the use of Adobe Photoshop, you can transform a dull and lackluster image i... Read More »

How to Create a Sponge Paint Effect on Furniture?

Creating a Sponge Effect with General Finishes Waterbased FinishesUsing water based finishes to create a unique sponge effect on your furniture is simple and fun! Make your furniture stand out from... Read More »