How to Create a Copyright Stamp Using Photobie?

Answer You have some digital work that you would like to make sure that, at the very least, lets people know that it was your work. Photobie can help you with that by creating a stamp that you can easily ... Read More »

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How to Create Flames Using Photobie?

Sometimes, you want to dress up your digital artwork. Flames can give you a point of interest or make an interesting mask or many other things. This wiki will show you how to create 'flamage' with ... Read More »

How to Create a Transparent Image Using Photobie?

Grandson in altered frameAny program that uses layers and transparency is a great software program and Photobie is one of those. Read this how to, to learn how to create a transparent image.

How to Create a Ceramic Pot Image Using Photobie?

Completed ceramic potLearning how to do various projects in the different types of graphic software can help you have more of a grasp with the whole process. This article shows you how to create a ... Read More »

How to Remove Red Eye Using Photobie?

So you have a little red eyes but not a drop of Visine...well, Photobie may not be able to get rid of your red eyes, but it can get rid of the evidence in your pictures!