How to Create a Conflict in Screenwriting?

Answer Conflict is a key aspect of any screenplay. Without conflict, there is essentially no story. After all, if the protagonist has a goal to reach, and he reaches it without event, then there is little... Read More »

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How to Create Conflict in Writing?

Conflict is the basis for every fiction story ever told and features in non-fiction writing as well. Conflict gives the reader a reason to root for the protagonist, creates suspense and tells the a... Read More »

How can you get a screenwriting agent?

Do a google search of agency's. there are tons. look for one that is near LA or NYC. also you must have scripts that are fully written in order for an agent to even look at it

Top Colleges for Screenwriting?

Breaking in to the highly competitive field of screenwriting can be incredibly difficult. However, with the proper training and connections, selling your first screenplay can become a reality. The ... Read More »

List of Classes to Take for Screenwriting?

Screenwriting is an art form and can be very challenging. Whether you plan on writing scripts for film or television, it is a craft that needs to be honed. There are a variety of classes available ... Read More »