How to Create a Composite Primary Key in Access 2007?

Answer When you create a database in Access 2007, it's important to include a primary key within your table. Primary keys keep you from inserting duplicate records. You may set the primary key to automati... Read More »

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How do you create a composite key in access?

That is one of the ways to set a Primary Key for a Table.You can also use the icon right next to the Primary Key icon, the one that says Indexes. This will allow you to select specific Fields for ... Read More »

How to Change the Primary Text in Outlook Web Access 2007?

Outlook Web Access 2007 does not give you many options for changing it's appearance on the screen. You can, however, change the primary text that appears in messages you compose. The fonts you sele... Read More »

How to Create a Switchboard in MS Access 2007?

You can create switchboards in Access 2007 by using the Switchboard Manager. Switchboards let you automate tasks in your database by creating a form-driven interface. The forms have instruction b... Read More »

How to Create a Subform in Access 2007?

Part of the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Access is a relational database management system that you can use to create charts, graphs and software applications. It is supported by Visual Basic ... Read More »