How to Create a Comic Book Character Online?

Answer A comic book character is a cartoon graphic of a protagonist in a story presented to a viewer through panels. Most comic book characters are drawn by hand offline, scanned into a computer, and then... Read More »

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How to Create a Free Comic Book Online?

Though comic books have an historical reputation for being silly stories for children, many have used the medium for more serious or adult stories. Post-modern master Alan Moore is among those who ... Read More »

How to Make a Comic Character Online?

Making a comic character, such as a superhero for a comic strip, online is very simple. There are quite a few websites that have free tools that allow you to quickly make a unique comic character. ... Read More »

How to Create a Comic Character?

Every comic needs a comic character. Without characters it's just scene after scene, but characters with no personality make the whole idea pointless! So how do you make good characters? Well...

How to Use Generators to Give a Comic Book Style Character Unique Superpowers?

So you've decided to break away from the norm and give your superhero Scotchborg (or for your supervillain; Diamond Oppossum) unique powers. Characters need depth, a motivation, and a billion other... Read More »