How to Create a Cell Project?

Answer Using a large foam ball to establish the perimeters of an animal cell project is not the only way to do it. Students can create an edible, 3-D cell model by using gelatin for the main body of the c... Read More »

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How to Make Cytoplasm for a Cell Project?

Cytoplasm is the jelly-like material that fills a plant or animal cell. All of the cell's organelles float in the cytoplasm. This clear substance is held in place by the cell wall. Create a cytopla... Read More »

Ideas for an Edible Cell Project?

Biology and natural science instructors often assign students projects creating edible cells. Not only does the individual or group of students present the creation to the class while pointing out ... Read More »

Plant Cell Structure Project Ideas?

Though most students understand the observable differences between animals and plants, distinctions between the two classifications begin at a cellular level. The most significant differences betwe... Read More »

Ideas on Making a Cell Project for School?

Learning about the anatomy of a cell and the various functions each element performs is an essential building block in the study of biology. Fully understanding the purpose, function and use for th... Read More »