How to Create a Cardboard Car?

Answer Cardboard is not just for storing and shipping packages. This inexpensive material also makes for some creative, simple-to-make kids' toys. Recycle large boxes into foot-powered cars for the little... Read More »

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How to Create a Lightbox from a Cardboard Box?

You may not have the money you need to get started with photography. Tabletop photography is one thing you can do to get your foot in the door without going broke. In fact, photography has an entir... Read More »

How to Create a Cardboard Template?

If you need a template for a shape such as a circle, heart, oval or other shape, consider making one from scraps of cardboard. You can use an old shoebox or cardboard box for your template base. Tr... Read More »

What is in cardboard?

Cardboard is made of heavy-duty paper products. This heavy-duty paper is put together by two or more sheets and pasted to each other to make the cardboard as thick as you may need it.Source:Wisegee... Read More »

Have you ever got a cardboard cut?

yes, and it hurts like the dickens the whole day that day. i work at Kmart, and deal with opening a lot of boxes. i've gotten papercuts, cardboard cut. i've cut my finger on those sharp staples the... Read More »