How to Create a CNAME?

Answer In a Windows Server 2008 environment, creating a CNAME entry means adding a host's IP address to DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, and is a database and index of all network devices (hosts) a... Read More »

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How do I change a cname?

Change a CnameLog into your Web hosting control panel or Web hosting Accounts settings, and select the Domains section to open the Domain Manager where you can manage the domains and Canonical Name... Read More »

How to Change a CNAME in Outlook?

When administrating Microsoft Outlook for Outlook Web Access, you can utilize CNAME records for the email clients. CNAME records link up domain properties with localized addresses, so if you use di... Read More »

Do people who create anti-virus software in their day job create viruses in their evening job?

I can't give sources but yes this is how it used to work at the start, classic fud.However for a few years it has also been policy of the security industry to employ writers once they have been bus... Read More »

How to Create a Puzzle by Jumbling Letters to Create New Words?

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