How to Create a Bootable Partition on Your Mac and Boot Linux From It?

Answer One of the advantages of Linux is its ability to run on almost any computer architecture. Because of its small size and speed, it is often used on older computers that may have problems running mod... Read More »

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How to Remove a Bootable Partition XP Dual-Boot?

When you dual-boot between multiple operating systems, a new partition is created on your hard drive for each OS. A partition is a portion of your hard drive that is allocated for use only with a s... Read More »

How to Create a Bootable Partition?

A dual-boot or multiboot computer can switch between different operating systems at startup. One way to configure a dual-boot system is to create a new partition on the hard drive and install to it... Read More »

How do I boot from my windows partition after installing linux?

You have to chainload the Windows bootloader from Grub-Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst-Add something like:title Windowsroot (hd0,0)makeactivechainloader +1-Save and exitAt the (hd0,0) part, the first 0 re... Read More »

How to Create a Bootable USB in Linux?

Ubuntu Linux is a free operating system that comes with many user-configurable options. One of its features is the ability to create a bootable USB flash drive with the entire operating system on i... Read More »