How to Create a Book Name?

Answer Maybe you've written a book, or you want to write a book. But there is a hidden bump in the road. The title! Writers can have a huge book, but can't print it because they don't have a title! Here's... Read More »

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How to Create an "About Me" Book?

An "All About Me" book is exactly that - all about you! In this book you make yourself, you put in photos and writing about yourself. Like, your favorite food, or favorite music.Your friends snd yo... Read More »

How can I create my own e-book for free?

An e-book is a book that has been written in electronic form to be read either on an e-book reader, or on a computer. Publishing an e-book is much easier and cheaper than publishing a paperback boo... Read More »

How to Create Book Trailers on Mac?

Much like the coming attractions previews during commercial breaks on TV, book trailers are a short clip of the book to get readers excited about its upcoming release. In most cases, publishers wil... Read More »

How to Create a Riddle Book?

Kindergarten and early elementary age children could create a simple riddle book independently or with help from an adult. This kind of activity incorporates creative thought and drawing and offer... Read More »