How to Create a Bipod for an Air Gun?

Answer I was really frustrated because I didn't have a bipod for my air gun. I had looked everywhere I could think of to try to find a good, cheap bipod but I couldn't find one.

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How to Make a Rifle Bipod?

A rifle bipod is used to provide a steady rest for the rifle while shooting. Bipods help minimize the movement of a rifle so that a more precise and accurate alignment of the sites or cross hairs i... Read More »

How to Build a Rifle Bipod?

The most important thing when you are shooting is to be accurate. In order to consistently shoot with accuracy, many hunters and shooters use a bipod. There are many bipods on the market, but many... Read More »

Who makes Harris Bipod?

Harris Bipods are manufactured by Harris Engineering, located in Barlow, Kentucky. The bipods support such high-caliber firearms as shotguns and machine guns while they're being fired. The equipmen... Read More »

How to Attach a Versa Bipod?

Target shooting and hunting require precision, patience and endurance. The endurance comes from having to hold a rifle in a static position for extended periods of time, which wears down forearms a... Read More »